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How to find out if your water is safe to drink

Water is a human right and Australian regulators need to protect that right to a healthy and safe environment, Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg has said.

The Environment Minister has warned that consumers and businesses will pay for water systems that fail to meet the standards set by the federal government.

Frydenberg said he would ask the Victorian Government to consider installing automated sprinklers to keep water flowing safely in the state’s large reservoirs.

He said a state-wide water testing scheme had been implemented to help ensure safe water supply and would also be used in the Northern Territory to ensure water is not contaminated with lead.

“This is an issue that needs to be addressed, it’s a systemic issue and I’m calling on the Victorian Water Board to undertake this testing scheme,” Frydenburg said.

The Federal Government says it will take “appropriate action” if the state fails to meet its water quality standards.

“If you’ve got water that’s not meeting the quality requirements, we’re going to take appropriate action to ensure that we meet those standards and we’re not going to allow the situation to get worse,” Mr Frydenberg said.

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