Solar System|lupus Systems Tutorial How the latest NSA surveillance program works

How the latest NSA surveillance program works

The NSA has quietly expanded its surveillance programs that it says will help prevent attacks.

The NSA said Tuesday that the latest version of the program called RAPID will be used to monitor the “health and safety of our nation’s critical infrastructure,” and that it will be able to monitor “an entire system’s health and safety,” including its electrical and electronic systems.

The program is part of a “robust” response to attacks on the nation’s vital infrastructure that began in January, the NSA said in a statement.

The agency said it will continue to use the NSA’s “robusting” RAPIDS program “to safeguard critical infrastructure.”

The NSA says it will also be able “to collect sensitive information on the communications of millions of individuals” who it says have “a direct connection to critical infrastructure systems.”

The program will be enabled by a new program called “Fully Automated Threat Analysis,” which will enable the NSA to collect intelligence “within minutes” of an attack, the statement said.