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How to upgrade your heartland payment system

You’ve probably heard about the Heartland Payment Systems (HPS) system, which was created to improve the health care system in the United States by giving patients access to more comprehensive medical and dental care.

But how did it come to be?

Recode has a detailed look at how it got its start and how it’s changed the way the US works.

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– Apple CEO Tim Cook, Sept. 9, 2018Now Playing”We were working with our suppliers, the medical organizations, to understand what would happen if we could create a system that was so flexible and affordable, that it could take over and replace the existing health care systems,” says Steve Bauers, president of the HPS, during the presentation at the Code Conference in Santa Clara, California, in 2018.HPS has been around since 1997.

It was initially designed as a way for hospitals to pay for surgeries and other outpatient services, but the system has since expanded to cover the entire healthcare system, including hospitals and doctors.

It’s now used by more than 50,000 hospitals in the U.S. and has more than 40 million patients enrolled.

Today, HPS is more popular than ever, according.

It provides $50 billion in annual payments to hospitals and other health systems, according the Kaiser Foundation.

It has also helped drive more than $100 billion in medical research and development.

HPS has also seen a big jump in its overall health care revenue, according in 2016 to the research firm.

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