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When do you need a haircut?

The haircutting machine that lets you choose the perfect haircut for you could soon be in your hands.

Google News (a UK newspaper) has published an article about a new system that lets users select the perfect hairstyle.

The idea is to make hair look better with the help of artificial intelligence, and it has the potential to transform how hair is styled.

However, the article suggests the system could lead to a whole new way of styling hair in the future.

Here’s a short video about the idea, in which a human is shown making a short haircut using a digital hair comb:It could also help the fashion industry with its stylist who might have to make a stylist to make sure the hair is right for the fashion-conscious.

There are some questions about whether this new technology would really work.

For example, would a stylists hair look different to a human hair, or if the machine could make a more natural style of haircut that would look better than the human hair?

This article originally appeared on Tech Insider UK