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How to stop ISIS’s online recruitment campaign

In a bid to stem the spread of ISIS’s propaganda, Israeli security officials have been enlisting young people to monitor online communications, according to a report in the Haaretz daily.

In an effort to combat ISIS’s recruitment campaign, Israeli intelligence has been enlistING young people in their effort to detect new radicalization among Israeli youths, according a report by The Jerusalem post, citing a security official and an unnamed intelligence source.

“The most important thing for the [Israeli] security apparatus is to identify a trend that might signal a terrorist threat and to prevent it from being transmitted,” the security official said.

The source added that while there was no evidence of an imminent threat to the Israeli citizens, the threat to them is “very real” and it was necessary to monitor their communications and social media activity.

While Israel has long been engaged in efforts to prevent the spread and use of the Islamic State’s propaganda by Islamic extremists, it has not been able to stop the propaganda in its tracks, The Jerusalem report said.

Israel is currently engaged in a massive effort to counter the propaganda efforts of the terror group.

In a bid, the Israeli security apparatus has been recruiting young people for their efforts to monitor the spread, use and dissemination of ISIS’ propaganda online, according the Haetz article.

The efforts include a campaign to enlist people in the field to monitor social media accounts of the group.

A security official told Haaretz that the effort has not resulted in any concrete successes so far, but that it is continuing.

The source did not provide details of the activities of the campaign, but said it was aimed at recruiting new members of the intelligence community and to deter the spread among young people.

The intelligence official said that he was aware of the efforts of security officials to monitor ISIS’s social media posts, but did not elaborate.

He also did not offer details on the activities, other than to say that the campaign has been ongoing.

Last week, Israel reported that it had foiled an ISIS attempt to target Israeli tourists on the island of Kos, by intercepting and identifying a drone belonging to ISIS.