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A system-wide discussion about systemic racism in VA health care

An emotional story of an emotionally fragile veteran who has been denied VA care for her cancer diagnosis and now is being held hostage in the VA system, her lawyer says.

Emilie Scott says she was denied VA coverage for her prostate cancer diagnosis in 2017, after she spent years trying to get her care in the Phoenix VA health system.

Scott says her family and her doctor never received a follow-up visit after the cancer diagnosis, and she says her insurance was paid for in full when she left the hospital.

Scott said her treatment at VA hospitals and clinics is underfunded and that she has not been able to obtain a VA prescription drug benefit for more than a year.

She says she also was denied access to a prescription for an insulin that is needed to help control her diabetes.

Scott’s lawyer, David Pfeiffer, said Scott was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017 and has been receiving VA care ever since.

Pfeiffers said Scott had to take insulin and take her own medications because of the cost.

She says that the VA denied her coverage under the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) and that in January 2018, she lost her coverage.

The lawyer said Scott, now 54, is in a situation that makes her “a prisoner of the system.”

Pfeuffer said the VA is in the process of investigating Scott’s case.

“The problem is not that there are systemic racism issues, but that there is a culture of not doing anything about it,” Pfeuffers said.

He said Scott’s story was part of a broader effort to address systemic racism within the VA.

Veterans advocacy group Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) called for a “national day of action” in support of Scott on April 4.

VVA Healthcare released a statement on May 3 saying the VA was “reviewing” Scott’s situation and would “take appropriate action to ensure the care she needs is provided to her.”

The VA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A spokesperson for VA Health and Human Services did not respond to CNNMoney’s request for information about the investigation.