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How to protect your home from hackers

The security camera system that houses a surveillance camera in your home has been hacked by an intruder who took photos of a laptop computer, police said.

The incident happened on Friday when the laptop computer was opened by a person who had a concealed weapon and a concealed knife, the National Police Agency (NPA) said in a statement on Sunday.

Police said they had received a tip-off from a member of the public who was suspicious of the laptop.

The laptop was then taken away to a secure location.

A person who entered the building on Friday also left the computer, but the computer was not removed.

A man in his 20s is being held on suspicion of burglary, burglary of an establishment and possessing a weapon, the NPA said.

It added that the suspect was wearing a mask and gloves when he entered the premises.

Police have been asked to keep the public posted on their progress in the investigation.