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How to stop the opioid crisis

Texas is considering a plan to dispose of toxic waste that has been accumulating in its wastewater treatment plants.

The proposal has received bipartisan support, but it is far from a done deal.

House lawmakers and environmental advocates are asking the governor to take steps to reduce waste at the wastewater treatment plant in San Antonio, according to the Texas Tribune.

The bill would require the state to dispose off the waste at a nearby landfill, but officials have not determined what sort of waste would be dumped at the landfill.

Texas officials have previously expressed concerns about the risk of chemical compounds from the wastewater being transferred into waterways, according the Texas Observer.

Under the plan, waste from the Texas wastewater treatment facility could be stored in tanks for up to two years, according a Texas Tribune report.

Texas Public Utility Commission Director Bill Bunch said in a statement that the state is in talks with a local company that will process the waste into a waste management solution, but that no decisions have been made.

“The process is still in its early stages and we are hopeful that the company will be able to bring the waste solution to the state,” Bunch wrote in the statement.

The governor’s office declined to comment.