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Dassault Systemes Systemes: Dassault d’Aviatione dans leur ses découvriers à l’aviation

Dassault Systems has announced that it has received approval from the FAA to develop a new, full-scale version of the Airbus A380 jet, the A380X.

This will be a fully-fitted aircraft, with a total design cost of $2.3 billion.

The A380 will be fully equipped with a full complement of avionics, including: 1.

Digital cockpit, with up to nine displays, including one digital instrument panel.


Digital flight data recorder, with integrated flight instrumentation.


Flight management and control systems including advanced radar and altimeter, with dual radar and navigation systems.


A high-performance engine with six engines, including a turboprop engine, a turbine engine, and a liquid-cooled engine.


Upgraded avionics with digital flight controls.


A dedicated cabin for crew, with access to all the aircraft systems, including avionics and flight data.

The first version of this new aircraft will be available for purchase in 2018, followed by an initial fleet of 10 A380s.

 The A380 is a jet that has become one of the most sought-after in the world.

The jet is currently the fastest aircraft in the history of the world, flying at over 350mph, which means it can reach the fastest airliners in the United States. 

But, with the A350X, Dassault intends to use this plane for a more modernized, higher-tech version of its aircraft, which will likely mean adding more avionics.

The FAA’s decision to approve the A340X is good news for the A320 and the A321, and the FAA’s approval is expected to allow Dassault to move forward with the development of a full-size version of these planes.

Dassault has said that the A330 will be the first aircraft to be fully integrated with its avionics in this new A380.

This means that the aircraft will also include the same avionics as the A360 and A380, and that the plane will be equipped with both full- and full-sized avionics for its crew and passengers.

In addition to its avionic integration, Dampier also plans to add a new fully-integrated wing with a lift capability of 30% of the existing A380’s lift capability.

According to the FAA, the Dassault A380A is expected in service by 2019.