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The West Cape Water System is the biggest water system in the country

West Cape water system, which includes the West Cape River, is one of the biggest and most extensive water systems in South Africa.

The West Cape system is used to provide water to some 300 million people.

This includes all the regions, towns, villages and suburbs in the West Coast state.

It also serves the entire city of Cape Town, which has a population of 1.4 million.

While some of the water systems are run by local authorities, many are state-owned.

South Africa’s Water Resources Board oversees all water services in the state, including the South Cape Water.

Its primary purpose is to ensure that water supplies are safe and adequate.

However, in some cases, it has been accused of being involved in the diversion of water to private companies.

In 2013, the state government announced that the West Cotswold Water Authority would be privatised.

A new company would take over the water system.

According to Water Resources Minister, the decision was taken in light of the current financial crisis, as the authority had to provide financial assistance to its local residents.

As of April, the Westcote Water Authority has only 6,000 employees.

In February, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) launched an investigation into whether the privatisation of the West Cobble Water Authority was a “misappropriation” of funds.

That investigation is currently underway.

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