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Australia has ‘very serious’ water contamination problem in South Australia, NSW, Queensland, Western Australia

Emergency Alert System (EAS) is being deployed in South Australian and New South Wales, while NSW has activated the emergency alert for water quality and public health issues.

The state’s emergency alert was put into place on Thursday morning and is currently in place for two states: South Australia and Queensland.

In Queensland, the EAS has been activated for an additional five hours as part of the state’s efforts to contain water contamination.

The water quality alert is triggered when water quality levels are below an approved level.

Water Quality Monitoring Program manager for South Australia Rob Liddell said water quality was “pretty low” at the moment, but would be “getting a bit better”.

“As a result, the water quality level is being put into the alert level and that will be sent to the water testing facility,” he said.

“It will take a little bit longer than usual but we’re expecting the water test results to come back within a couple of hours.”

The water test result will determine if water is contaminated with fecal matter and whether it can be tested for bacteria.

If the test result indicates the water is above the approved level, the alert is put into force.

However, Liddel said there was no risk to the public, and the water would be tested at a water testing centre on site.

He said South Australia would not be releasing water testing results until at least the end of the day on Friday, but did not rule out testing it at other times.

Mr Liddeld said South Australians should be aware of the emergency alerts, but warned the system would not provide the public with immediate information.

“We’re really focussed on the water tests that are being sent out,” he told the ABC.

“There are some very serious water quality issues that are occurring in South Africa right now, so it’s a very, very serious situation and we need to be aware.”

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